after Jacques Brel ‘La quête’

To dream
What they say cannot be
To bear
The pains of goodbye
To burn
With unquenchable passion
To risk
What no one will dare

With a love
That can tear you apart
To love, too much or too hard
To seek
Guided only by trust
To want
What I can never hold

That is the quest
 To cling to that trust
 To seek
And not to lose hope
Face to face with despair
See the years passing by
To continue to search
Without needing to find
To dare to believe
That love will shine through

Will it always be so?
They’re right,
I cannot know
Yet it lightens my heart
And the light
Will shine clear and blue
From this tired soul
Who burns
With unquenchable fire
Still yearns
Though they say I’m a fool
Who dreams
Through the pain and the sorrow
Who seeks
What must somewhere
 Be true