Ode To Joy

translation of ‘Ode an die Freude’ by Friedrich Schiller

Dear friends,
Why so sad?
Sing songs of joy
And gladness!

Joy, that divine flame
Oh daughter of Elysium
Your fire enchants us
To fly
 Up to your heaven

Your magic brings together
What habit tears apart
Sheltered under
Soft strong wings
We live again
 As one

The wondrous tie of
Friend to friend
Of love to love
Whatever kind
Shouts out
 A glory
All yearn to know.
Without a soul to
Whom we cleave
What’s left to do, but weep?

Joy is nature’s gift of life
To her each and every child
All of us are good,
 Are bad
All clamour to her
Rosy light
Sweet caress, and
Sips of wine.
Joy is there
For us to find
Even worms love earthy life
As angels their divinity.

Radiant as stars
In the heavenly sky
Shine out, my friends
Your way to joy.

Brothers, sisters
I embrace you,
Kiss the millions of the world!
There must be something,
 Someone there
Above, beyond
 The starlit night.
Though millions fall
In sheer despair
There must be someone


Translation by Michèle Cooke, 2013
(with Jerry Rosenfarb)

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